Mary “Bonemama” McCann, 1998 radio KZON DJ

“Alwun House was the first place to recognize me as an artist.”

Beth Ames Schwartz, Artist

“These People have done a great service to our community and our earth.”

Terry Goddard, 1993

“A Pioneer in the rebirth of cultural and artistic activity in Central Phoenix, Alwun House is an important component of downtown revitalization.”

Mayor Terry Goddard, 1984

“I’d like you to join me in thanking a remarkable institution, Alwun House. . .”

E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

“One of the things that makes Alwun House so valuable is the diversity of its programming. It is also what makes the place so difficult to define.”

Sunset Magazine, 2009

“Downtown Art: Where It All Began”

Senator Barry Goldwater, 1984

“Keep up your good work. Everyone interested in art endorses you.”

Kimber Lanning, Local First founder 2004

“The current arts community can easily be traced to 1971 when Alwun House was first established.”