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Beyond Gallery, Into Community Building

As the birthplace of downtown’s burgeoning arts community, Alwun House was founded on the belief that art has the power to transform, strengthen, and beautify our community. At Alwun House, art is a concrete medium, building a foundation for that transformation – one block at a time.

The culturally diverse area that makes up the Garfield Neighborhood benefits from collaborative projects that strengthen and unify neighborhood participation at Alwun House. In addition, the Alwun House facility is often used by the broader community for social gatherings and planning sessions.

The Garfield Neighborhood, 7th to 16th St, Van Buren to I-10 Fwy, is the most affordable historic neighborhood in downtown Phoenix, with a large population of artists & creative types living and working in homes they own.

Community Events at Alwun House Include:

Meet & Greet

This trust-building event series brings together residents, members of the Garfield Organization, Central City Precinct Commanders & beat officers. This annual event breaks down perceived barriers and encourages interaction over food, games, and resident talent.

Home Buyer Workshops

In partnership with Phoenix Neighborhood Housing Services, Roosevelt Row & the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department NIA team, Alwun House brings real estate, mortgage industry, and finance professionals together with long-time Garfield residents to help people learn how to buy homes in this historic neighborhood

Salon des Enfants

Alwun House produces the Annual Salon des Enfants youth art show, in partnership with Phoenix Elementary School District #1, to give students the experience & excitement of a real gallery setting. With the help of the exhibit founder & Art teacher John Avidesian, 300 pieces from students in the 5th thru 8th grades are featured in the show along with bands, choir,dance and more representing 16 schools & 18 Teachers. 100% of the proceeds from the sale go directly to the student artist themselves.

Neighborhood Newsletter

Alwun House staff facilitates Garfield Organization neighborhood newsletter production and distribution, as an ongoing project. See

Art Park

Development History of the Art Park

Alwun House Art Park emerged in the early 1990s when faced with the need for a “Use Permit” from the City of Phoenix. Parking issues during events led to stipulations for parking development. In 2008, Alwun House acquired a property gifted by neighbors Leo & Florence Kyle, leading to the purchase of another nearby house, both of which were razed.

To maximize the land’s use beyond occasional parking, a rezoning process for Planned Unit Development (PUD) was pursued, allowing social activities when not serving as a parking space. This rezoning, completed in September 2012, required a decade of fundraising and extensive environmental assessment.

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The Art Park is now a hub for the Garfield Community.

Thanks to Paul Miluski, and project designers Jason Harrington, Ritoch Powell Associates, and Mark Greenawalt for their pro bono contributions.

Special thanks to Gammage and Burnham for donating their services, and assisting Alwun House with purchase contracts and rezoning. Thanks also goes to Paul Miluski of Project Engineering Consultants who donated a technical land survey of the site.

PROJECT DESIGNERS: Jason Harrington, Landscape Architect | Ritoch Powell Associates , Civil Engineer | Mark Greenawalt*, Electrical Engineer | *donating their professional assistance pro bono – THANK YOU!

2003 – City of Phoenix CDBG Lupe Sisneros Memorial Award, “for guiding and overseeing revitalization strategies in Garfield Neighborhood.”

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