Calendar of Events


November 24,- 26, 2023

A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival
November 24,- 26, 2023, 5pm

Tickets: $30/day or $60 for 3-day pass

A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival, is presented by Full Figure Productions and is proud to announce the seventh edition of this Phoenix based festival, with this year’s festival will again be held at Alwun House Foundation.

A Night of Misfit Film Festival presents three nights of short film takes from horror to comedy and dramatic to Sci Fi this festival has something for everyone to enjoy. All films under 15 minutes long showcasing a broad range of films both local and international. Each night will feature a different genre of film works. Friday night features horror and Sci Fi genres, then on Saturday the films delve into the eternal theatrical clash between comedy and drama, and there might be some overlap there. Then, Sunday evening showcases the international flavors and the Awards ceremony. This festival celebrates the artistic talent of all filmmakers and artists by focusing on original content that has not been screened at other festivals.

Founded by Dineta Williams-Trigg a filmmaker and actress and directed with Gauthier Raad, A Night of Misfit Films came out of a desire to see more diverse content in the Valley of the Sun community.

Awards given for: Best Horror, Best Drama, Best Sci-Fi, Best Comedy, Audience Favorite, Arizona Filmmaker Award

A Night of Misfit Films is in association with the Lebanese Independent Film Festival – LIFF, and The Worldwide Independent Film festival – WIFF, and Fantasy Film Festival in Paris.


December 1, 2023 – January 5, 2024

LIGHTHOUSEDecember 1, 2023 – January 5, 2024
Opening Artists’ Reception – 6pm to 10pm – Free

With gallery lights off, art emits light installed throughout gallery and into the gardens. Infused interactive light installations creating a transcendent aesthetic experience. Selected artists displaying imaginative integration of mediums, from functional to conceptual; light-boxes, lamps, art shrines, video, interactive light installation, neon, LED, fire, mixed media. If it glows, flickers, flashes, video, neon, shines in a darkened room. And one room dedicated to UV reactive arts.


February 2, 2024

First Friday With a Kink
February 2, 2024 6-10pm

Tickets: TBA

First Friday with a Kink: A vibrant valentines-themed kinkfeast at Alwun House’s Art Park. An adult-themed fetish party for singles, couples, polys, groups and lovers of all; bring your sexiest sashay for viewing kinky artists and vendors selling vintage themed artworks, unique jewelry for today’s fetish lovers, vibrant ropes, wicked whips, classy handmade wood grain paddles of many sorts, adult toys, and fetish wear. DJ Frietz will be rockin’ da house spinning the sexiest grooves available. Live body painting and Shibari demonstrations will be performed to set the mood. Craving food? We have the sexy delicious Penis and Pussy waffles to provide inspiration for things to come. And for you foodie fanatics our food truck offerings presented by Island Boys Jerk Spot who will be providing JERK, spicing up your tongue with chicken and shrimp. Meanwhile, the Vampire Penguin will be serving up hyper-decadent layered snow desserts slathered with fruit, chocolate or whatever tickles your tongue. Voodoo Ranger will be there offering various adult kinky ales. And, if you’re a curious sexy devil, you may be able to score a spanking.


February 9 – March 8, 2020

41st Exotic Art Show

Exhibit: February 9 – March 8 2024

Viewing: Tuesday – Friday, Noon to 6 pm, (starting February 13th).

Step into a realm where artistic expression transcends the ordinary and dives headfirst into the extraordinary at the Exotic Art Show, an exhibit that pushes the boundaries of creativity and passion. Featuring over 40 local and regional visual artists, this showcase is a tantalizing blend of provocative, playful, sensual, and audacious works that defy convention and celebrate the uninhibited spirit.

As the crown jewel of unconventional art experiences, the Exotic Art Show has earned its reputation as a daring spectacle that captivates the senses. Now in its 41st year, it stands as the country’s longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art. Like a provocative ballet, it has become Alwun House’s equivalent of the “Nutcracker,” enchanting audiences and supporting the original nonprofit arts organization since its inception in 1971.

This mesmerizing exhibit is not only a feast for the eyes but also a vital fundraiser for Phoenix’s Alwun House, contributing to the flourishing arts and cultural scene of the community. Every brushstroke, every sculpture, and every piece of art on display is a testament to the power of creativity to inspire, challenge, and elevate. This is a juried exhibit with three peer jurors: Lalo Cota, Maggie Keene and Kyllan Maney. Jurors will award three artists with $1,000 Critic’s Choice Awards, Winners of the awards will be announced at the opening event 2/9/24.

Join us on a visual journey that transcends the ordinary, as the Exotic Art Show unfolds its captivating narrative. Immerse yourself in a world where passion knows no bounds, and art becomes an unbridled celebration of the human spirit.


Mayor Greg Stanton, stressed the importance of artists in bringing downtown Phoenix the success it experiences today. “Art is a gift,” Stanton said. “We wouldn’t have the momentum that we have, the other good things we have, without the artists.” He praised artists for helping make downtown what it is today and seeing potential in areas others did not, including himself. “Anytime you see me at a groundbreaking for some new development, be clear: I’m thinking about the artists that help find the beautiful nooks and crannies in our town … you are our eyes and ears. As we look at pioneers Alwun House — Kim Moody (Founder 1971) and Dana Johnson” “You were here first, and everything else we’ve done is on your shoulders.” Alwun House appreciates Mayor Stanton’s inclusion of artist and gallery owners in inter-departmental city planning.


“I love this place! And fell in love with The Alwun House back when I was in the 7th grade. My first piece was sold here. It was a still life done w pastels entered by Mrs. Wilnow, my art teacher. Years later my son Victor Solis while still in elementary school, also had his art exhibited and proudly sold 5 pieces of art. He is now 16 and a sophomore at North. Proud to say we are artists at heart. Thank you Alwun House for the beautiful memories and the opportunities given.”



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