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Accepting award from L to R: Robert X Planet, Kim Moody, Dana Johnson, Kaori Fujitani, and Cowboy Poet

We were surprised and honored to receive this year’s Governor’s Arts Award, in the community category. Presented by Arizona Citizens Action for the Arts, and Arizona Commission on the Arts, the program notes read, “Alwun House Foundation stands as an exemplary model of engaging the power of art to transform lives and transform community.” Adding, “for more than 40 years, the Alwun House foundation has created opportunities for artists and served as a pivotal beacon in the Garfield community and as a foundation for the downtown Phoenix arts scene. Their work extends across artistic and cultural boundaries, and brings diverse audiences, community members and artists together. Without the pioneering work of Alwun House, much of what is taken for granted in the vibrancy and success of downtown’s flourishing arts community would not have been possible.” To be among fellow nominees, was humbling in and of itself.

Awards & Quotes

Environmental Award
City of Phoenix, Environmental Quality Commission, 1972,
Environmental Improvement,
Margret Hance.

City of Phoenix, Environmental Quality Commission, 1973,
Environmental Improvement,
Tim Barrow.

New Times, Best of Phoenix, 1990, Best Dance Club
New Times, Best of Phoenix, 1990, Best Underground Scene
New Times, Best of Phoenix, 1992, Best Alternative Art Space
New Times, Best of Phoenix, 2009, Best Art House

Phoenix Magazine, 1998, Interesting Places Award

City of Phoenix, CDBG Lupe Sisneros Memorial Award, 2003
“For guiding and overseeing revitalization strategies in Garfield Neighborhood.”

“Downtown Art: Where It All Began”
Sunset Magazine, 2009

“Keep up your good work. Everyone interested in art endorses you.”
Senator Barry Goldwater, 1984

“The current arts community can easily be traced to 1971 when Alwun House was first established.”
Kimber Lanning, Local First founder 2004

“One of the things that makes Alwun House so valuable is the diversity of its programming. It is also what makes the place so difficult to define.”
E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

“I’d like you to join me in thanking a remarkable institution, Alwun House. . .”
Mayor Terry Goddard, 1984

“A Pioneer in the rebirth of cultural and artistic activity in Central Phoenix, Alwun House is an important component of downtown revitalization.”
Terry Goddard, 1993

“These People have done a great service to our community and our earth.”
Beth Ames Schwartz, Artist

“Alwun House was the first place to recognize me as an artist.”
Mary “Bonemama” McCann, 1998 radio KZON DJ

“Those who say culture is nonexistent in the Valley should pay a visit to Alwun House.”
Nora Burba, Phoenix Home & Garden

“Celebrating the state’s cultural diversity, it has been recognized as an urban arts pioneer constantly pushing the envelope.”
Dave Shave, Echo Magazine

“…it’s the poetry of ambiance and the ambiance of poetry . . .It certainly has a place in the hearts of those who care about the Arts in the Valley.”
Kelly Walton, Scottsdale Progress

“When the definitive cultural history of the city of Phoenix is written, Alwun House will have to be given a special and loving place in that narrative.”
Donald Locke, Arizona Living Magazine

“The leadership you have provide through the Alwun House . . .exhibits exceptional dedication.”
Sam Campana, Arizonans for Cultural Development, Executive Director, 1986

“A jungle-like bohemian retreat from life in the desert, the back yard of the Alwun House is dense with palm trees and lush foliage, with a fish pond in one corner and an aviary in the other. A man bends down to play with a two-pound Japanese goldfish in the pond. Scooping him out of the water with his hands, he playfully tosses him back into the pond a few feet away. The fish is disoriented for a moment and then quickly returns to the edge for more.”
M. Cecile Blaine, Scottsdale Progress, 1990

“This is Alwun House – Arizona’s first contemporary arts center and a pressure valve for creative Valley folk. … Unlike intimidating galleries with noisy floors and imposing people behind desks, Alwun Houses’ mellowed wood floors and back porch antique stove invite a chat and a longer stay.”
Scott Seckel, Arizona Republic, March 4, 1992

“…Alwun House has become a unique neighborhood oasis, with a welcoming intimacy in which multicultural art exhibits, youth activities, and block-watch meetings can converge.”
Beverly Harvey, Phoenix Downtown

“The Valley’s favorite downtown art spot …”
Robert “Planet X” Planet, New Times

” “Exposure is everything,” says (Ralph) Brekan. “And the Alwun House has always provided that exposure to young artists like myself who are trying to show work in town and need a venue to do so.” “
Joshua Rose, Get Out, Sept. 3, 1998

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