Alwun House is a nonprofit arts organization and an urban pioneer in downtown Phoenix. For over five decades, it has showcased new and emerging artists. It provides both gallery art exhibitions and a venue for the performing arts. The organization is located in a historic 1912 house wrapped in lush, welcoming gardens.


Call for Exhibit

Call for Exhibit Proposals

Got a body of work or an exhibition idea? Alwun House has five slots for solo/group artist exhibits available during this upcoming 2024-25 season. Artists are invited to submit their ideas and artwork samples for consideration to be awarded one of these exhibition opportunities. Applications will be reviewed by Alwun House’s Visual Art Committee, which evaluates submissions and curates the exhibits. Submission deadline: August 16, 2024. Notifications will be sent out by email within 30 days.


Peeking Monster Exhibit

Monsters Menagerie

Call to Artists!

Exhibit Dates: October 4-26.
Art Delivery Dates: September 28 -29, 11am – 5pm
Art Pickup Dates: Oct 27 – 28, 12pm – 5pm

Here’s your opportunity to exhibit the dark, gory and grotesque, menacing dark goth and noir fantasies, or satirize today’s political fiends. From monstrous and blood curling to social demons, let your passions scream. This is a juried exhibit with three $500 Juror’s Choice Awards awarded. Put your best ghoul forward for your chance to win this juried competition, as we are look forward to a grand fall season. Exhibiting artists get a free admission ticket to the exhibit closing fundraiser, the “Monsters Ball,” on October 26, 2024, an outlandishly monstrous costume event, so be ready to let the dogs out and howl. Get your costumes ready for the Monsters Ball. We are open to all mediums.


LH24 SQ Call


Call to Artists!

Exhibit Dates: December 6, 2024 – January 3. 2025
Art Delivery Dates: November 29 – December 1, 11am – 5pm
Art Pickup Dates: January 4 – 5, 2025 – 11am – 5pm

Working with LIGHT, an often overlooked medium, creates unique opportunities for artists. This is your exhibit to show off your illuminating talents. Of our annual shows, this exhibit has that extra spark of creativity as artists make light art. There are so many new technologies that open possibilities – Interactive, experimental or conceptual. This year we’re allocating one room to be flooded with UV light specifically to properly illuminate UV reactive artworks. If your art glows in a dark setting and needs a dark gallery space, this is your opportunity to have a dark gallery setting to shed a light on your art. Create your most illuminating artworks, and experiment with light. From darkness to LIGHT, that’s the essence of what this exhibit is about. Now, let’s play in the glow!


SQ Gen Exo

Exotic Art Show 2025

Call To Artists!

Exhibit Dates: February 14 – March 14
Delivery Dates: February 1 – 2, 2025, 11am – 5pm
Pickup Dates: March 15 – 16, 2025, 11am – 5pm

Fee: $30-$40

A juried exhibit featuring three $1,000 Critics Choice Awards granted & $500 Peoples Choice Award.

Calling all open minded adventuresome fine artists! Alwun House Invites you to exhibit your most evocatively passionate, surreal fantasy, unbridled taboo erotica to the valley of the sun AND a chance to win $1,000.

As the crown jewel of unconventional art experiences, the Exotic Art Show has earned its reputation as a daring spectacle that captivates the senses. You’re invited to be a part of making this 41st year outstanding, it stands as the country’s longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art.

Theme: “beyond the ordinary,” evocatively passionate, surreal fantasy, unbridled taboo erotica. This is your opportunity to dare to show your most personal works or your most shockingly erotic artworks to an audience seeking unusual envelope-pushing artwork. This is a juried exhibit with three peer jurors: TBA. Jurors will award three artists with $1,000 Critic’s Choice Awards. Also, there’s is a popular vote People’s Choice Award of $500.



Celebrating Diversity through Artistry.”

“Through Your Artistic Expression, You Help Build a Stronger Community in Phoenix.”



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