Green Art Park

Green Art Park: Sustainable Community Transformation

This project creates a community, arts-based, multi-use neighborhood pocket park.

Today, after 10 yrs from vision to possibility, including several years in fleshing out design, with neighborhood input; multiple committee reviews and public hearings, with final City Council approval – all passing with unanimous approval. We succeeded in rezoning the Green Art Park with pro-bono assistance of Gammage & Bunham, transcribing our 47 uses into a Planned Unit Development zoning. Then after 9 years appealing to House patrons and benfactors, we finally are preparing for construction. Planned construction completed by end of 2019.

The City of Phoenix recognized Alwun House for its “leadership in guiding these revitalization strategies,” with the CDBG Lupe Sisneros award in 2006.

I:HPD-ServerHPD Projects2012-HPD2012-012 - Alwun House4 -Building on this revitalization momentum, Alwun House Foundation will finally develop its visionary, sustainable Green Art Park (GAP) project. Specifically designed to provide lush landscaped space for neighborhood and community gatherings, serving thousands of visitors, hundreds of artists and musicians in Garfield neighborhood of 6,000 residents, and Downtown Phoenix Art districts creatives. The Green Art Park will provide a green desert shaded park, outdoor sculpture, community garden and additional parking.

Our sustainable Green Art Park community enhancement project, has doubled our existing facility by developing these adjacent vacant lots acquired by Alwun House, into a one-of-a-kind community gathering place with its unique custom zoning overlay. We envision green Sonoran tree-lined gardens, seasonal blooming vines and bushes, shaded open space for community functions, art installations, performances, workshops, festivals, food trucks and vendors, and classes, such as pottery and raku firing, sculpture fabrication workshops, yoga and Thai chi. These and other collaborative programs will bring in a new community educational component to further transform our community, going way beyond “just” a parking lot. The general neighborhood traffic and public perception will see it as a “pocket park,” with minimal weekday gallery parking.

Alwun House is Phoenix’s first arts space that transformed Downtown. Alwun House is recognized for this prescient leadership with the 2013 Governor’s Arts Award:
“Alwun House Foundation stands as an exemplary model of engaging the power of art to transform lives and transform community. For more than 40 years, the Alwun House foundation has created opportunities for artists and served as a pivotal beacon in the Garfield community and as a foundation for the downtown Phoenix arts scene. Their work extends across artistic and cultural boundaries, and brings diverse audiences, community members and artists together. Without the pioneering work of Alwun House, much of what is taken for granted in the vibrancy and success of downtown’s flourishing arts community would not have been possible.”

Engaging the power of art transforming Downtown. Prescient 1971 non-profit arts organization, Alwun House was the Foundation for today’s downtown arts community. Versatile Gallery, Artspace, showcasing cultural diversity and Community Gatherings.

A simply pledge to buy one brick, a $100 brick (installments available), with your name etched on it, leaves a legacy showing support for your trailblazing art house. You can be original, consider memorializing one you love; a parent, artist, or pet.  Start with a $100 brick on the Garden Path.  Pledges may be upgraded over this two year capital campaign with such “signature” options as $500 leaf, $1,000 tree memorial.  We’re open to in-kind contributions; make us a proposal – this park will be your sandbox too. Your investment in this sustainable expansion project, adds to your legacy as well.

It’s time for your voice to be heard.

Green Art Park Donation

Special thanks to Gammage and Burnham for donating their services, assisting Alwun House with purchase contracts and rezoning.Thanks also goes to Paul Miluski of Project Engineering Consultants who donated a technical land survey of the site.

Special thanks to the following professional designers.
John Glenn*, Architect | Jason Harrington, Landscape Architect | Ritoch Powell Associates , Civil Engineer | Mark Greenawalt*, Electrical Engineer

*donating their professional assistance pro bono – THANK YOU!