Calendar of Events

Apr 25 – May 9

Intertemporalist Steampunk Exhibit
Local artist’s juxtaposed histories and technological fantasies are showcased in / at downtown’s transformative arts pioneer, Alwun House. On display are playfully reconfigured technologies, fantastical props, sculpture, illustrations, and paintings.

“STEAMPUNK” Initially inspired by Victorian science fiction authors H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, drawing from Edgar Allan Poe, Steampunk was coined in 1980’s by author K. W. Jeter in describing contemporary stories set in the Victorian period, blending alternative history and science fiction, originally inspired by the ‘awe struck’ power of stream-driven technologies of emerging industrialized 19th Century. Steampunk sensibilities are constantly evolving, with adaptations through all the arts. Contemporary Steampunks’ various anachronistic re-interpretations of time and transformative visions are today, incorporating influences of digital power-driven revolutionary transformations. Artists interested in exhibiting click here. More info TBA

Saturday, April 26

Modern World WFBAlwun House and Planet Poe presents
Edgar Allan Poe’s
Modern World of Tomorrow,

8pm Performance

Tickets: $7 adv. $10 door

One night only, Experience the humorous “flip-side” of America’s Master of Horror, with Poe’s lesser-known works of futurism, science fiction, and time-bending adventure. Intertemporalist steampunk dramatic readings by grandiloquent actors, enhanced by original sound score.

Champagne Reception follows.
The Planet Poe Players directed by Robert X Planet


Saturday, May 10

Rush Hicks’ hosts the Mystic Circus Sideshow
The Mystic Circus Sideshow from Brooklyn, NY has found a new home here in Phoenix, AZ. Progressive neo sideshow/ postmodern circus arts the Mystic show is more experience than show. Come prepared to not only be an audience member, but to make your way to the stage and be a part of the show.

Bold, beautiful, hilarious and death-defying; come let your freak flag fly for a cause…. Oh did I forget to mention this is a benefit show to open a Tempe circus school? Yup, that’s right. Come have some drinks, watch silly humans do dangerous things and help create a community. This show is 18+ recommended, because of the subject material. Hosted by the natural born freak Rush Hicks and presenting to you five amazing local performers Ms. Ginger Applebottem, Candy Bandit, Tabitha Kelley, Gimp DaPimp and Ms. Melon. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see live performance art!

Doors open 9pm Show starts 9:30 PROMPT!
Tickets $12 Door

sideshow popcorn & refreshments


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4 Responses to Calendar of Events

  1. What Empty Nesters do at Easter.
    I got a great lesson, Sunday, in how other people cope with empty nests. In this first year of 25 that I’ve had neither husband nor kids at home, holidays have been ….difficult. This Easter, it was my privilege to participate in a “Magnum Opus” by chef and architect, Dana Johnson.
    8 guests, 8 courses, 4 hours.
    4 desserts.
    After the 3rd course, the salad (more like a Theme Park), we had to have a break and walk around.
    Susie spent quality time with BunBabe, the Real Easter Bunny. Eli gave impromptu massages. Dave got ice slipped down his shirt (on purpose) and au jus from the crown roast (by accident). Crystal wore an outrageous retro outfit complete with carnation hat and red fur purse. (the matching red fur muff had disintegrated). It’s the first time I ever heard Brian wax poetic! Carol and I discovered a mutual passion for egg painting and the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. Sandra talked about palate cleansers, Kim twinkled at the foot of the table, and we all needed coffee and chocolate to fend off a food coma.
    After the creme de cassis and vanilla cordials, the ice cream sandwiches made with rock sugared egg cookies, and the giant blueberry and cherry cream cheese cake tart, we just stared at dessert number 4. So the poor little Sacrificial lamb cake (red velvet with secret frosting) got beheaded, and a piece sent home with each guest. Reverently, for breakfast.
    Dana has a waiting list of adopted family and friends, willing to sell their firstborns for a place at his table. It is rare to be invited to an event like this. I ‘m privileged not only to have had the experience, but also to have learned a truism:
    You create a temporary family from whomever happens to be there – and a memorable feast celebrates the adoption.
    Very clever, those Alwun House boys.
    by D. Smith

  2. Timothy Faulkner Parker

    I love this place haven’t been there in years but exotic art shows and parties are some the best I’ve ever been to,, Great Fun open minded People,,,A+++

  3. We just held an event at the Alwun house 1/17/14 for Gabriel’s Angels and the Gabriel’s Angels Board of Young Professionals and overall we couldn’t be any happier with the result. Dana and Kim were great to work with and our plan is to make this an annual event at this location. Overall just an awesome experience and a great venue. Thanks again Dana and Kim for a spectacular night!


  4. Happy Exotic Art Show, you amazing Phoenix heartbeats!!! This achievement is truly Awesome!!! I get goosebumps thinking about the first day the art begins to arrive, and the bright allure that the buzzing vibrations bring to downtown. The House has been a sanctuary for so many, a support for art-lovers of all ages and backgrounds, and a beating heart for the Phoenix arts community.
    Thank you thank you thank yooooooo!

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