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2018-19 CALENDAR

CoverThumbFriday, September 21
Cleodora presents:
Cabaret Noir
Doors Open at 7:30, show starts promptly at 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Tickets: $20 advance – $25 door

Join us for a dark cabaret experience! Let us entertain you with an evening of sultry entertainment at this adult-themed cabaret variety show celebrating the unconventional side of sensuality with beautiful dancers, adult comedy, and sexy acrobatic acts! More info………..

WordsHavePower2Thursday, September 27
Banned Books Reading
Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7p
TICKETS: $5 advance, $10 day of show

The Arizona LGBT+ History Project will be hosting it’s 2nd annual Banned Books Reading. Readings moderated by the one and only hipest of hip historians Marshall Shore.
It’s a very special Adult story time that draws attention to the problem of book censorship, with events like this across the country.
Join us as a wide variety of readings from banned books.
Banned Books Reading is a collaboration with the Alwun House and the Arizona LGBT+ History Project

FB_LoFFriday, September 28
Ladies on Fire X
Doors open at 7, show starts at 8p
TICKETS: $9 advance, $15 day of show

Firestage proudly presents the tenth annual celebration of the creative might of Arizona/Sonora-based female performers, with the variety show extravaganza “Ladies on Fire”!
Click here for more info…………….


Jett_ThumbSaturday, September 29
Jett Runaway Presents:
Amour de Agony
Doors open at 7pm show starts at 9pm
Tickets: $10 advance, $15 door

Vaudeville is alive and well in Phoenix as Jett Runaway Presents: Amour de Agony! Jett Runaway (of The Runaway Street Circus) have journeyed to the lowest depths of suffering and the most blissful heights of pure ecstasy to bring you…..more info…….

Menagerie-DinoOctober 5 – 27
Monsters Menagerie
An exhibition exposing unworldly, noir fantasies, blood-curdling creations screaming for attention, sardonic political sarcasm, sacred and profane, Dia de las Muertos. Artists interested in exhibiting click here.

ThumbFriday, October 12
Doors open at 7pm show at 8pm
TICKETS: $10 advance – $15 day of show

Witness the third installment of the show’s dark and sinister “Noir” series with Arcana! Follow the adventure of a young magician as he travels one of the darkest corners of the underworld in search of his long lost friends!

ApocalypseThumbFriday, October 19
Katrina Rainsong’s
Doors open at 8pm show at 9pm
TICKETS: $10 advance – $15 day of show

Limited supply 10 only!
VIP Priority Seating ticket $20

A salacious evening of storytelling through sideshow, burlesque and performance.
Industry has crumbled, the cities have been abandoned.
All is chaos.
The last bastions of humanity wander……More info……….


Thumb2November 2 – 16
Solo Exhibit by Ryan Carey
Breath Before Brush
Opening First Friday, November 2
More information TBA

November 10
Cleodora’s TEASE
Tickets: $20 advance $25 available at door
Doors Open at 7:30, show starts promptly at 8:30pm to 10:30pm

With a show prepared specially to give you just one more reason to be thankful. And as you’re giving thanks to these well basted breasts this production will thaw your turkey. More info ………….

ThumbStartDecember 7 – January 4, 2019
Play in the glow. With gallery lights off, art emitting light installed throughout gallery and into the gardens. Infused interactive light installations creating a transcendent aesthetic experience. Curator Landy Headley selected artists displaying imaginative integration of mediums, from functional to conceptual; light-boxes, lamps, art shrines, video, interactive light installation, neon, LED, fire, mixed media. Artists interested in exhibiting, click here.

colorbarThumbFebruary 8 – March 16, 2019
Phoenix Arizona is the last place most folks would think to find the nation’s longest running “Exotic Art Show.” Expanding for past 35 years, this ground breaking art show continues to evolve and thrive in this desert oasis, bringing together two months of exotic arts and performances. Artists interested in exhibiting should click here.


Mayor Greg Stanton, stressed the importance of artists in bringing downtown Phoenix the success it experiences today. “Art is a gift,” Stanton said. “We wouldn’t have the momentum that we have, the other good things we have, without the artists.” He praised artists for helping make downtown what it is today and seeing potential in areas others did not, including himself. “Anytime you see me at a groundbreaking for some new development, be clear: I’m thinking about the artists that help find the beautiful nooks and crannies in our town … you are our eyes and ears. As we look at pioneers Alwun House — Kim Moody (Founder 1971) and Dana Johnson” “You were here first, and everything else we’ve done is on your shoulders.” Alwun House appreciates Mayor Stanton’s inclusion of artist and gallery owners in inter-departmental city planning.

“I love this place! And fell in love with The Alwun House back when I was in the 7th grade. My first piece was sold here. It was a still life done w pastels entered by Mrs. Wilnow, my art teacher. Years later my son Victor Solis while still in elementary school, also had his art exhibited and proudly sold 5 pieces of art. He is now 16 and a sophomore at North. Proud to say we are artists at heart. Thank you Alwun House for the beautiful memories and the opportunities given.”



8 Responses to Calendar of Events

  1. What Empty Nesters do at Easter.
    I got a great lesson, Sunday, in how other people cope with empty nests. In this first year of 25 that I’ve had neither husband nor kids at home, holidays have been ….difficult. This Easter, it was my privilege to participate in a “Magnum Opus” by chef and architect, Dana Johnson.
    8 guests, 8 courses, 4 hours.
    4 desserts.
    After the 3rd course, the salad (more like a Theme Park), we had to have a break and walk around.
    Susie spent quality time with BunBabe, the Real Easter Bunny. Eli gave impromptu massages. Dave got ice slipped down his shirt (on purpose) and au jus from the crown roast (by accident). Crystal wore an outrageous retro outfit complete with carnation hat and red fur purse. (the matching red fur muff had disintegrated). It’s the first time I ever heard Brian wax poetic! Carol and I discovered a mutual passion for egg painting and the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. Sandra talked about palate cleansers, Kim twinkled at the foot of the table, and we all needed coffee and chocolate to fend off a food coma.
    After the creme de cassis and vanilla cordials, the ice cream sandwiches made with rock sugared egg cookies, and the giant blueberry and cherry cream cheese cake tart, we just stared at dessert number 4. So the poor little Sacrificial lamb cake (red velvet with secret frosting) got beheaded, and a piece sent home with each guest. Reverently, for breakfast.
    Dana has a waiting list of adopted family and friends, willing to sell their firstborns for a place at his table. It is rare to be invited to an event like this. I ‘m privileged not only to have had the experience, but also to have learned a truism:
    You create a temporary family from whomever happens to be there – and a memorable feast celebrates the adoption.
    Very clever, those Alwun House boys.
    by D. Smith

  2. Timothy Faulkner Parker

    I love this place haven’t been there in years but exotic art shows and parties are some the best I’ve ever been to,, Great Fun open minded People,,,A+++

  3. We just held an event at the Alwun house 1/17/14 for Gabriel’s Angels and the Gabriel’s Angels Board of Young Professionals and overall we couldn’t be any happier with the result. Dana and Kim were great to work with and our plan is to make this an annual event at this location. Overall just an awesome experience and a great venue. Thanks again Dana and Kim for a spectacular night!


  4. Happy Exotic Art Show, you amazing Phoenix heartbeats!!! This achievement is truly Awesome!!! I get goosebumps thinking about the first day the art begins to arrive, and the bright allure that the buzzing vibrations bring to downtown. The House has been a sanctuary for so many, a support for art-lovers of all ages and backgrounds, and a beating heart for the Phoenix arts community.
    Thank you thank you thank yooooooo!

  5. Arcelio Martinez

    October 23 at 8:46pm

  6. Lighthouse artist, Baron Dixon review: Well, this last Friday’s “Lighthouse!” exhibit opening was, in my opinion, the best one yet! Artistic inventiveness was on full display (and WILL be all through December as the show will be lit up for evening viewing hours) in this truly multimedia experience. And the only thing that could distract us all from the pretty lights was the BAND on stage, the Haymarket Squares. They played three sets, and at the end unplugged themselves from their amplifiers, and roused us with a couple of songs amongst us, the audience. They are awesome singer/songwriters with lyrics in their original songs worthy of the Broadway stage, like the anthem, “Buy My Vote.”

  7. Pleasure being part of the Exotic Show experience these last couple of years.

    Thanks all visitors for the Viewers Choice Award!

  8. Rafael Gutierrez

    I have missed you will see you soon Great JOB!