Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021

Sat, February 13th Valentine’s Eve!

Tickets: $50 each – sold by tables of 4. (2-top tables now sold out)
The show can go on, with your assistance. Due to today’s environment we cannot in good conscience produce a big splashy party event like yesteryears. Instead, we will be offering a playful envelope pushing Exotic Art Show exhibit and a phantabulous stage show like usual, while respecting social distancing requirements. That means fewer people will be able to attend, less than a quarter of typical capacity. In an effort to accommodate more art-patrons we will be presenting two shows in one night on Valentine’s eve. Saturday, Feb 13, 2021. Early show; doors open at 6pm. Late show: doors open at 9pm. So you can take your pick, either the Early Exotic Show and have a romantic dinner afterwards or follow that romantic dinner up with the Late Exotic Show. Hopefully, this solution best accommodates everyone’s desires and needs to continue this sexiest romantic arts tradition in the valley.


The CABARET: Two acclaimed local hilariously notorious, Leslie Barton and Ray Earl will provide some kinky sexy jokes to penetrate your silly spot. Followed by Romantasy Cabaret, an award winning variety Cabaret act who’s titillated Arizona audiences for decades.

Tables are set in our open air patio for guests (households) per tables. Tables are socially distance spaced apart to consider everyone’s safety. Guests are welcome to select their table on a first come basis. Guests are to remain sitting unless wearing a mask visiting gallery, restrooms or chill lounge.


The Gallery exhibit showcases art from over 25 artists revealing provocative, playful, sensual or audacious, uninhibited passions that push the envelope. At 38 it is the longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art in the country, and you will be part of keeping that tradition alive.

HOUSE RULES: Guests must wear a mask to enter. Guests may select their table, then remain seated. You may remove your mask while sitting at your table. Guests are welcome to view gallery exhibit (10 at a time) register with maître ‘d for admission. If you get up to go to the gallery, restroom, or smoking patio, you must put your mask back on. Standing around the patios, is prohibited.

Special Event Parking:
Available in the Alwun House Art Park. Carpooling efforts appreciated.

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