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tickets2Silver String Circus presents


Saturday, April 11, 7pm door, 8pm show
Tickets: $10 advance, $15 day of show

There’s nothing more iconically 1920’s than The Great Gatsby… but what did F. Scott Fitzgerald leave unwritten? Join Silver String Circus as they go beyond the book to bring you a tale of mystery, love, and opulence. Let Jay Gatsby himself be your guide back in time with live music, circus arts, magic, improv games, and more! Embrace your inner bootlegger at Alwun House, and try your luck in true speakeasy style with our literary raffle (sponsored by Bookman’s Phoenix!).

A cast unforgettable characters will bring this talw from page to stage for your amusement. Fall down the rabbit hole with some Phoenix’s finest, including:
-Chris Campbell as Jay Gatsby
-Benny James as Nick Carraway
-Sam Walker on Stage Management
-Hayle the widow as Jordan Baker
-Sister Tarragon as Daisy Buchanan
-Jennica Dombrowski on Camera
-Gabe Lim as Meyer Wolfshiem

Silver String Circus will once again be holding a book drive for Kids Need to Read, a local charity bringing the joy of reading to children in need. Each new/like new book donated will earn you a free raffle ticket. Give 10 books or more and one of our cast members will sign off on volunteer hours for the length of the show. This is a perfect opportunity for Scouts and students!

Rain or Shine.

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