Pain Proof Punks – Night Terror!!

Saturday, August 12th

Tickets: $15 available at door
Doors open at 8pm. Show at 9pm.

A genre brew we present to you of all things disturbing, horrific, and sinfully sick. A sprinkle of our weird, strange, and insane sense of humor and heavy helping of blood, flesh and gore galore!

A sideshow tribute to Grindhouse/ Horror including performances of fire, burlesque, human pincushion, wax, aerials, contortion, bellydance, glass dancing, perhaps a Special guest or two…., summoning the devil, you know the norm…

Rusty The Clown, Lily LaVamp, Dr. Copperchops, Little J Sinclair, Lexi Locket, Miss Wonderland, Nyhel, Crystal Frost, El Spawk, Luna Sky, Morgan Moondust, Katara, Katrina Rainsong

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