Pain Proof Punks – Grimmer Tales


Saturday March 24th

Doors open 8pm, show at 9pm
Tickets: Advanced discount $12 – $15 day of show

The Pain Proof Punks delve into the world of classic fairy tales to channel their truly horrifying origins. Magic, despair, and fortune come together in this hauntingly beautiful retelling. Revel in our whimsically macabre offerings with a variety of circus and sideshow acts such as fire arts, aerials, juggling, human pincushion, glass dancing, bed of nails, contortion, burlesque, and variety. We hope you’ll join us in the delightful dark for an evening.

The characters and performers:
Snow White – Miss Wonderland
Cinderella – Rusty The Clown
Rapunzel – Irene Silver
Beauty & The Beast – Dr. Copperchops
Little Red Riding Hood – Katrina Rainsong
The Little Mermaid – The Enchanted Circuseque Duo
Sleeping Beauty – Jojo Laflame
Hansel & Gretel – Jacquline Hide & Noah Heartlight
The Little Match Girl – Lily Lavamp
The Princess & The Pea – Little J Sinclair
Pinocchio – Crystal Frost & Victoria Joelle
The Pied Piper – The Tosspots


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