Saturday, March 25

lily_alienLadies and gentlemen, step right up to see a dazzling display of vaudeville at it’s finest! There will be juggling, dancing, singing, music, and dangerous feats of incredible skill. Our scintillating stage acts will thrill you to the core! So don’t be a wetblanket and miss this one time only event. It’s all Phonus Balonus!!!

Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm sharp!
Tickets: $12 advance – $15 day of show

We encourage everyone to get all dolled up in their best get up.


Noah Brown, Katrina Rainsong, Rusty The Clown, Mickey and Marco of The Tosspotts, Lily LaVamp, Jacqueline Hide, Brendon Hebert, Nathan Machutta


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