Medicine Arrow Performance

Medicinarrow EVB image
tickets2Saturday, March 23, 2019
Tickets: $10 advance $15 door
Doors open at 7pm Show at 8pm

Medicine Arrow is a multicultural and multidisciplinary performance ensemble based in Arizona whose stage is the world. With a sound grounded in the deep traditions of Native America, yet reaching beyond all boundaries and borders to embrace the pulse of the planet and the song of the universe, Medicine Arrow seeks to deliver a message of harmony, balance, equality and integrity through its adventurous blend of music, dance, storytelling, poetry, and mask art.

The core Medicine Arrow trio is comprised of singer, dancer and actor Roman Orona; guitarist, singer/songwriter plus flutist and Native American Flute Storyteller Aaron White; and percussionist, poet and mask maker Will Clipman. In the spirit of creative inclusiveness, these three artists welcome collaboration with an eclectic cast of very special guests, enhancing and embellishing the conversation among voice, flute and drum with elements of theater, choreography, videography and multi-instrumental music.

The unifying metaphor of Medicine Arrow is that which flies straight and true from one heart to another, piercing the illusion of separateness and bringing all together as one. Audiences of all ages will thrill to the exhilarating rhythms, soaring melodies, rich harmonies, lush language and vivacious visual imagery of this joyous celebration, imbued with both ancient resonance and futuristic vision, in which everyone is invited to participate, and from which no one is excluded.


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