Body of Work

bodyofwork-imageApril 21 – May 5

MB Hanrahan

A Body of Work, Holiday Cards, 1996-2017

April 21 Opening Reception

7-11pm featuring
MB frames and composes her life’s celebratory holiday moments with humor, sarcasm and wit. Collaborating with various photographers produces Limited Editions of original art cards, all featuring MB in the nude, which then get shared to special friends. This is the first comprehensive collection of MB’s, spanning images over 20 years, and is accompanied by a newly printed collector’s edition book. Once a creative activist in nurturing Phoenix’ 80’s art scene, she returns to Phoenix from her Ventura California studio. She noted Alwun House probably holds “the single largest collection of her greeting cards.” Prints are available or available for order.

Body of Work Book

420-bunny-1Body of Work: 20 Years of MB Nude You can view and purchase a unique, limited edition book with ALL of MB’s self portraits. This massive collection is curated, written and co-produced by Amy Jones, based on a series of interviews with the artist. The book is designed by Dina Pielaet.


May 6 Closing Reception

DraculaSm7-11pm featuring Pain Proof Punks – Dracula’s Bride
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