Friday, October 20th


Kenny Thames Combo

Tickets: $8 advance, $12 door
Doors Open at 7, concert at 8pm.

Since moving to Phoenix, Kenny has established a career in music, blending his gospel roots with jazz technique. He refers to his style as “Jazz-pel!” He continues to perform in country clubs, casinos, resorts, and private events thorough out the state of Arizona.

AnthonyCree-Suit-Blue72His band includes William Gilliard, the percussionist (who has performed with him for 18 years) Lonze Reynolds plays sax, and Elias Armendariz as bassist. The group has two regular vocalists, Anthony Keyes, and Cree Turner, introduced tonight in his debut performance with the combo.

Kenny has created his own music academy with an enrollment currently of 50, with a staff of 3, offering piano, guitar, vocals, and saxophone instruction. Teaching music to approximately a thousand people of all ages to realize their dream of creating music over the last 52 years.

Kenny resides in Phoenix, working from his studio in Central Phoenix. He has three children and 7 grandchildren, all residing in the Valley. Kody Pendant, his 7 year old chihuahua/min-pin mix is involved in most of his professional and personal activities.


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