The Greed Show

Assimilate AffPEngorged-NeedsPFirst Friday, September 7
Exhibit & Installation by Artist
Tom Stephenson
Join us for September’s First Friday. An immersive installation concept exhibition. Witness large photo-real paintings beautiful people. close-up portraits of beautiful people with sayings tattooed on their foreheads such as “Inordinate excess” and “Exceed Sufficient”. Reflect on our excesses with other paintings of graphic expressions of excessive wealth used for power. Knowing how much we have in this country and how much more we think we need, I wanted to make a statement that made people stop and think.

SlingSHOT_SQLust-Magnet_PPreforming for your special thought provoking evening, SlingSHOT a five piece band of seasoned musicians with one thing in mind – to perform live and bring a good time. A diverse group of musicians bringing influences from rock, dance, alternative, hip-hop & funk.


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