GasLight Circus


Wonder & Amaze

Saturday, January 12th
Doors open at 7. Show starts promptly at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $10 advance $15 day of show, available at door
An all ages show.


It’s another installment of The GasLight Circus! Witness wonders and feats of astonishment as Phoenix once again plays host to one of it’s original theatrical circus attractions! Featuring the likes of Alfie the Mime, The Gentlemen Illusionist: Gabriel Lim, The Mysterious Proprietor, The Dark Dancing Duo of Mina and Nicolasa, Lyra the Mermaid, and everyone’s favorite GLC Clowns: Leeches, Jack, Talentuoso, Puddles, and The Clown Prince of Arizona himself: Jero the Jester! These performers and many more are prepared to come to the stage and do what they do best, wonder and amaze! And the show goes on rain or shine. And it did lightly rain, and the audience did stick around to enjoy the show.



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