Exotic Art 2018


February 16


Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus

Tickets: available at door $15

We are proud to present, once again, the broadest range of eclectic off-the-wall, scintillating performances of romantic/tragic/comic lust-filled poetry, song, vaudeville variety acts, spoken word, improv, performance art and music, in two stages, simultaneously, featuring local favorites and very special visitors! Kahula coffee specials. Cash bar. 21+ Advance tickets to be claimed at Will Call.


Co-hosted by local comedian and creator of Comedy on Fire, Matt Micheletti; and imported artist-of-all-trades Ernesto Moncada.
Performers: Russ Kazmierczak (poetry), Tom Tuerff (music),Amy Blackwell (comedy), Heather Edgar (voice), Crystal GKill (poetry), The Nogoodnicks (music), Femina Flower (poetry), Robot Destroyers From Planet Earth (improv), Mo Urban (comedy), Crimson Phoenix (dance), Mrs Sexy (poetry), Of The Earth Trio (music), Meghan Jones (poetry), Ronnie D (comedy), Ashley Naftule (performance art), Rosemarie Jeana Dombrowski (poetry), E Alo (music)


Host and curator of the West Garden: Phoenix Poet Laureate and editor of Four Chambers Press, Rosemarie Jeana Dombrowski!
Performers: Megan Atencia (poetry), Danae Barnes (poetry), Nadine Lockhart (poetry), Dani Garrity (poetry), Jaime Faulkner (poetry), Franny Havok Darko (poetry), Heather Lynn Atwood (prose), Trejon Dunkley (poetry), Amy Ouzoonian (poetry), Nick Pesch (poetry), Kennedy Orell (poetry), Ros & Eric VanAmburg, Kat Hofland, Jimmie Ware, Anna Flores

February 9 – March 17, 2018

Viewing: Tue-Fri, 12-6pm. $4 (members free)
Gutierrez3Phoenix Arizona is the last place most folks would think to find the nation’s longest running “Exotic Art Show.” Expanding for past 34 years, this ground breaking art show continues to evolve and thrive in this desert oasis, bringing together two months of exotic arts and performances. Exhibit 0pens with its signature Exotic Art Phantasmagorical Spectacular to packed audiences. The following week wax poetic with the: Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus, and we close the exhibit with House of Cirque! Ending this year with a site-specific stilt-walking spectacle weaving throughout Alwun House’s exotic stages and gardens, provocative performances.

The “Exotic Art” show was conceived as a fundraiser in 1984 by the late revered arts provocateur, Rudy Turk (Founding ASU Herberger Fine Arts Museum curator). With a twinkle he said, “call it ‘exotic’ and everyone will read ‘erotic’ – how true. Exotic has grown to benefit artists in the thousands, including many of today’s respected established artists, gallery owner or two, and noted performers.

To use a ballet metaphor, Exotic has become Alwun’s “Nutcracker” of a fundraiser, with proceeds benefitting Alwun House Foundation’s community Green Art Park project. http://alwunhouse.org/green


Exhibiting Artists

Joseph Abbruscato, Jenny Borst, James Bottorff, Gwyneth Broadrick, Leanne Brodie, Anthony Carrasco, Randal Cox, Danny De La Cruz, Miachelle DePiano, Chance Edmonds, Gabriel Garcia, Hannes Garrett, Dain Q. Gore, Brandon J. Green, Joe Gutierrez, MB Hanrahan, Henry Hermetet, Shawn Hosking, Kathy Hosking, Valerie Hunt, Erin Kruczek, Erin Kruczek, Mal Martel, Christy A. Moeller, Medicine Man, Kip Mussatt, Jesse Paulk, Robert A. Price, Spring Reinhardt, Rus Rose, Christer Roswell, Ted Scanon, Carol Shaw, Holly Shoemaker, Yakov Sierov, Katharine Leigh Simpson, Betsy Spetrino, Marilyn Szabo, Laura Thurbon, J.P. Thorson, Lucretia Torva, Nadia Vanilla, Kris Waid-Jones, David Whipple, Kristin Wesley, Yucel Yalim, Hunter Zelner
Landy Headley, Maggie Keane, Kyllan Maney


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