Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus

Saturday, February, 20   Tickets $25

Doors open at 7:00 pm, performances start at 8:00pm.  21+   Rain or shine. Mask Required. Tickets are sold in groups by tables: 7 tables of four ($100) and 15 cocktail tables for two ($50).

Alwun House Exotic Art Show has hosted the Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus (EP&MF), since 2004. Providing broader creative exploration of Exotic and Erotic themes. Due to today’s environment we cannot in good conscience produce two simultaneous stage productions filled to capacity with poets and witty romantic musicians like yesteryears. We still will be offering the crème de la crème of the valley’s poetry scene and a broad range of eclectic off-the-wall scintillating performances of romantic/tragic/comic lust-filled comedians and storytellers, musical flights of fancy, spoken word, just with masked distancing.

For the 2021 edition, we have decreased crowd capacity, so fewer people will be able to attend. The evening will still be hosted by the grandiloquent duo: poet, theater director Ernesto Moncada, and comedian/actor Matt Micheletti, backed up by Patrick Hershey on upright bass.

Tables in our open air heated patio for guests, are socially spaced apart in consideration of everyone’s safety.  Upon arrival Guests are welcome to select their table on a first come basis. Guests are to remain sitting unless wearing a mask visiting gallery or restrooms.

The Gallery Exotic Art Show exhibit showcases art from over 25 artists revealing provocative, playful, sensual or audacious, uninhibited passions that push the envelope. At 38 it is the longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art in the country, and you will be part of keeping that tradition alive.

TICKETS: Sold by tables: 7 tables of four ($100) and 15 cocktail tables for two ($50).

Safety Protocols: Guests must wear a mask to enter. Guests may select their table, then remain seated. You may remove your mask while sitting at your table. Beverages will be served at their tables. Guests are welcome to view gallery exhibit (10 at a time) register with maître ‘d for admission. If you get up to go to the gallery, restroom, or smoking patio, you must put your mask back on. Standing around the patios, is prohibited.