Postponed date TBA
performance on marimba by artist
Marilyn Clark Silva

Tickets: $10 advance, $15 door

Marilyn y marimba2
Dr. Marilyn K. Clark Silva is an internationally recognized percussionist and Marimba One Artist who will be performing her latest composition and album Elemental.

Marilyn StripesIt is an avante-garde new music work; the sounds, timbres, and textures used are beautiful and designed to draw in the listener, both aurally and visually. Each layer of the loops explores a different aspect of the element – for example “Fire” begins with sparks, adds embers, then smolder, tongues of flame, and ends with a blaze. Elemental explores the different ways that we experience and interact with the elements. It is a truly unique musical performance experience.

Mrimba y bows2The live performance of Elemental is an immersive musical experience by Marilyn with loop pedal creating layers of sound that make the listener feel as though they are surrounded by a certain element – “Air,” “Earth,” “Water,” “Fire,” “Pulse” – or life essential – “Root,” “Leaf,” “Sun,” “Moon,” “Chocolate.” The performance uses extended techniques on a five-octave marimba, as well as accessory percussion. Elemental has been described as, “Stunningly effective, “evocative and beautiful,“ and “a relaxing transcendental experience.”



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