Exhibit: May 17 – June 15
Viewing Tuesday – Friday, Noon to 6pm

A solo exhibition by photographer
Miachelle DePiano
Duende: Passion Through Play is a transformative body of work by Phoenix photographer Miachelle DePiano. Using color, light, space, form, and reflection, she opens the door to an unexpected dimension of your favorite vintage childhood toys, playfully used to explore her memories, social observations, and personal ideologies.

Opening Reception Friday May 17th 7pm
Special live flamenco performances by:
Un Corazón Flamenco
A husband and wife team: Linda Machado and Ricardo de Cristóbal are professional Flamenco artists and instructors. Their Flamenco style is improvisational with a traditional foundation. They are experienced and well versed in Flamenco’s Palos (families of song and dance) and their connections, depth and intensity. They create living Flamenco every time they dance. Their performances are interactive, entertaining and educational in which the audience sees, hears, learns about and participates in traditional Flamenco art.

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