November 8 – 29, 2019


Exhibit by Joe Dal Pra
Exhibit dates: Nov 8 – 29
Opening reception Friday Nov 8 7pm more info TBA

5-jdalpra10-jdalpraTucson artist, Joe Dal Pra art reflects on change: to show change, in particular how change builds a history, often of deterioration. Most of Joe’s works have a broken and put back together feel. Surfaces are worn and often show layers of underneath coatings and materials. Figures have a fragmented form or surface. Structures are bent, twisted, repaired and reused. Things that could not hold up to the stress of being, failing over time and circumstances. These include people, structures, and hybrid creatures. His characters, forms and materials worked together through a process of building and reflection and changes. Working with ceramic, steel, cast plastic and metal and existing objects. The imagery of Joe Dal Pra‘s sculptural work comes from the human body, engineered structures, aircraft parts, toys and comics.

11-jdalpraPOAC text logo 2017 - GREEN bird (grantee)-01

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