Casual Alien

CA_Graph2-headCasual Alien in concert
Saturday, Dec 9
Doors open 7pm, Concert starts 8pm
Tickets $10 advance, $15 day of show

Atmospheric re-entry with Phoenix’ live techno rave group Casual Alien.

An full evening of electronic music and synced video art with cosplay.

Inviting psychonauts to inter-dimensional clubbing at its best.
You won’t want to miss the fun of an abduction while being
probed with all original ambient, psy-trance,
EDM , glitch, IDM, Goa, psychedelic and chill electronica

“Blue Man Meets Daft Punk meets DMT” – Doc
“Reminds me of Shpongle, Ott or Juno Reactor!” -DJ Aphex
“Find the others” -Terence McKenna


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