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October 1 – 30, 2021
Monsters Menagerie

Juried Group Exhibition

The infamously provocative and uncensored Monsters Menagerie is a juried art exhibit, chock-full of grotesque and profane art in a variety of media from local artists. Demented creative works from menacing dark noir fantasies, satirical political demons, to monstrous and blood-curdling creations that scream for attention.

October 16, 2021

The Gaslight Circus

Doors open at 7pm. Show starts promptly at 8pm.

Tickets: $10 advance, $15 at Door

STEP RIGHT UP FOR MURDER: It’s a real Circus “Whodunit” as The GasLight Circus returns to Phoenix with an all new production! And this time, the audience itself is part of the cast as they help solve clues throughout the night in this all new murder-mystery experience with a traditional circus twist! Join your favorite GLC performers Jero the Jester, The Proprietor, Tommo, Lyra Lorelei, and many more as they put on a show like only they can!
An all ages show. Rain or Shine.

Covid-19 Precautions: In interest of public health, all of our volunteers and performers will all be vaccinated or have proof of negative test. Likewise, Alwun House will require that attendees show proof of vaccination or proof of a Covid19 negative test results within 72 hours of event. No refunds.

Sept. 10-24, 2021

September 10-24, 2021
Sticks & Stones

A Solo Exhibition by Holly Shoemaker

This exhibit focuses on the power of words. Negative words in particular, seem to have the most power over us. Sticks and Stones was created with the intent of reclaiming our power over these negative words. Each model has chosen their own word. Their stories are powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. Many participants chose to share the story behind their selected words, which are displayed next to their image in the gallery.

We are the people in your community. We are parents, children, siblings and friends. We are educators, healthcare workers, truck drivers, advocates, creatives, customer service representatives, restaurant employees and beyond. Simply put, we are you. We are here to say, “These words do not define us. These words cannot control us, and ignore anyone who thinks they can use them against us.”

Forty artworks from this series have been curated for the gallery installation. 25% of all art sales will be donated to Mulligan’s Manor, which advocates and provides services for at-risk youth, as well as providing mental health and wellness services.

Sept 10, 2021

Sticks & Stones
A Solo Exhibition by Holly Shoemaker


Tickets: $15 advance, $20 door.

An evening of immersive interactive art experience, visual and performance art with burlesque and sideshow acts. Showcasing the talents of: Felicia Minor, Freddy Prinze Charming, Rusty the Clown, The Showgirl Succubus, Irene Silver and more TBA. Refreshments available. 21+ mature subject matter.

Sept 3, 2021

First Friday at the Art Park

Join us at First Friday in the Art Park! Have a beer or wine while you mingle amoung numerous artisians selling thier wares, bands, and food trucks {The Island Boyz Jerk Spot featuring Caribbean fare, and Arizona’s Roasted Corn for the best corn in town}. ALSO Embry Health will be providing Covid 19 Testing. PCR and Antibody testing.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Doors open 8pm Show at 9pm. Tickets $20 GA

Have you missed us? We sure as hell have missed getting to bare skin and soul for you! The Pain Proof Punks are back again to excite and fright with Sideshow, Burlesque, Drag, and more!! The heat is coming and our performers have created a showcase full of supernatural tales fit for the summer BURN
NOTE: Alwun House is an outdoor venue! We ask that masks be work when standing. It is not open back to 100% capacity, so tickets are limited. Let us get dirty and dangerous while you stay safe sound!

Friday June 11,


Announcing a pop-up Skate Park in the Art Park. FREE community event. All ages welcome. Bring you’re own skates, We’ll provide the pop-up rink, dj grooves set for roller disco of the 70’s. 6-10pm refreshments available.


6-10pm FREE

Join us First Friday in our new Art Park Food, drink, Art and DJ Scapegoat keeps the party bopping.

May 7 thru June 25, 2021

Born in Warsaw, Poland Marek Danielewski grew up loving the works of Beksinski, Geiger as well as Moebius and Byzantine art. He moved to Philadelphia as a teenager, and pursued a career in the arts graduating with BA in NYC, then an MFA back in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Marek has exhibited in multiple shows in Philadelphia, New York and now in Arizona and spent several years teaching the Dine youth in Tuba City. In 2020 he moved to Phoenix and currently teaching elementary school art. Exhibit viewing Tue-Fri, Noon-6pm.
Artist Statement: In this exhibit, I’m focusing on Roman Art because of the association to fancy banquets and excess in all forms. The American vision of self is that of Ancient Rome. Where for the French, Brutus is the hero of the Republic, so as for Americans it is Caesar who resides as the pinnacle of the Empire. The American public including writers like Gore Vidal have referenced America’s link, similarities and growth toward the Roman Empire. In my work I feel I am showing this link in a contemporary media. By engaging the iconic image of the Caesar I feel I am showing the degradation, and excess that is America and Rome Empire. The artworks are composed almost entirely in found-object repurposed salvaged elements

May 22, 2021

Garfield Yard Sale
8am to 1pm
Alwun House is hosting a Garfield Yard Sale for residents. Everyone is welcome to come down and help repurpose good stuffs or buy new items our neighbors have made. Clothes, instruments, knick knacks, kitchen wares, books, home baked goods, home made goats milk soap, tools, home decor and last but not least ART! We’ll also have coffee and munchies available.

February 20, 2021


Doors open at 7:00 pm., performances start at 8:00pm.  21+   Rain or shine. Masks Required.

Alwun House Exotic Art Show has hosted the Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus (EP&MF), since 2004. Providing broader creative exploration of Exotic and Erotic themes. We again be offering the crème de la crème of the valley’s poetry scene and a broad range of eclectic off-the-wall scintillating performances of romantic/tragic/comic lust-filled comedians and storytellers, musical flights of fancy, spoken word, just with masked distancing.

Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021

Sat, February 13th Valentine’s Eve!

Tickets: $50 each – sold by tables of 4. (2-top tables now sold out)
The show can go on, with your assistance. Due to today’s environment we cannot in good conscience produce a big splashy party event like yesteryears. Instead, we will be offering a playful envelope pushing Exotic Art Show exhibit and a phantabulous stage show like usual, while respecting social distancing requirements. That means fewer people will be able to attend, less than a quarter of typical capacity. In an effort to accommodate more art-patrons we will be presenting two shows in one night on Valentine’s eve. Saturday, Feb 13, 2021. Early show; doors open at 6pm. Late show: doors open at 9pm. So you can take your pick, either the Early Exotic Show and have a romantic dinner afterwards or follow that romantic dinner up with the Late Exotic Show. Hopefully, this solution best accommodates everyone’s desires and needs to continue this sexiest romantic arts tradition in the valley.


The CABARET: Two acclaimed local hilariously notorious, Leslie Barton and Ray Earl will provide some kinky sexy jokes to penetrate your silly spot. Followed by Romantasy Cabaret, an award winning variety Cabaret act who’s titillated Arizona audiences for decades.

Tables are set in our open air patio for guests (households) per tables. Tables are socially distance spaced apart to consider everyone’s safety. Guests are welcome to select their table on a first come basis. Guests are to remain sitting unless wearing a mask visiting gallery, restrooms or chill lounge.


The Gallery exhibit showcases art from over 25 artists revealing provocative, playful, sensual or audacious, uninhibited passions that push the envelope. At 38 it is the longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art in the country, and you will be part of keeping that tradition alive.

HOUSE RULES: Guests must wear a mask to enter. Guests may select their table, then remain seated. You may remove your mask while sitting at your table. Guests are welcome to view gallery exhibit (10 at a time) register with maître ‘d for admission. If you get up to go to the gallery, restroom, or smoking patio, you must put your mask back on. Standing around the patios, is prohibited.

Special Event Parking:
Available in the Alwun House Art Park. Carpooling efforts appreciated.

December 4 – January 1, 2021

With gallery lights off, art emits light installed throughout gallery and into the gardens. Infused interactive light installations creating a transcendent aesthetic experience. Selected artists displaying imaginative integration of mediums, from functional to conceptual; light-boxes, lamps, art shrines, video, interactive light installation, neon, LED, fire, mixed media. If it glows, flickers, flashes, video, neon, shines in a darkened room.

October 31, 2020



The show must go on….. The legend of the Monsters Ball continues with the blessings of a full blue moon. While staying true to a Monstrous 2020, we must consider social distancing and limit crowd size this Halloween. We’ve done the best we can to plan a safe, fun memorable night out with Monsters Menagerie Art in gallery, sideshow performances by the ever-eerie Pain Proof Punks, plus three gory whorey comedians provide blue color horror laced comedy: Leslie Barton, Kristofer Royer and Derek McFarland, and audience participation with costumes & prizes. The back gate creeks open at 7pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive well before 8pm show start, so everyone can be seated to meet social distancing etiquette.
Contact free tickets available online, are sold in groups of 4. That’s four people per table, with complimentary munchies. Tables for four people (or monsters), are $200. Each table becomes its own ‘household’ – The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Trumps, The Honeymooners. You name it, be creative; prizes for the best household.
Like with many iconic arts venues across the country, the safety of all people is our chief concern with any activity at Alwun House. Due to pandemic safety protocols, we are limiting attendance to the Monsters Ball while also opening this event to a safe accessible, engaging online format — although it’s not what our faithful patrons have grown to love about the Monsters Ball — it is the responsible approach, and we are thrilled to still be able to showcase these visual and performing artists and patrons that call Alwun House home.
Note: tables are spaced out for social distancing and keeping the Montagues and the Capulets safe and separate. Guests are expected to wear masks at time of entry, and at all times while walking around and inside the gallery. Guests may select their table at arrival, on a first come, first serve basis. Guests are asked to remain seated at their tables except for gallery or privy visits, and trips to the designated smoking area in the western Chill Lounge.
Art Gallery access will be maintained by a maître d’, limiting viewing to 10 people at a time. Guests will be called in order, to view exhibit.
Alwun House volunteers provide wait staff circulating to serve guests spirits, preventing congregating at concessions. We’re here to provide you and yours, a safe and memorable escape.


From the comfort and safety of your own home you can peek in and see the Monsters Ball activities, not only the ever-eerie Pain Proof Punks and the rancid hilarious comedians. But, you also see and bare witness to the bizarre slightly sane costumed characters to had the balls to attend Alwun’s Monsters Ball. Also you’ll get a tour of the Monsters Menagerie art exhibit and perhaps we can get some of the artists to talk about themselves or their art. Like with many iconic arts venues across the country, the safety of all people is our chief concern with any activity at Alwun House. Due to pandemic safety protocols, we are limiting attendance to the Monsters Ball while also opening this event to a safe accessible, engaging online format — although it’s not what our faithful patrons have grown to love about the Monsters Ball — it is the responsible approach, and we are thrilled to still be able to showcase these visual and performing artists and patrons that call Alwun House home.

These days all venues across the country are hurting, struggling to continue. #SaveOurStages With social distancing measures it limits how many people can see an act and thereby limiting the revenue for venues to operate, pay staff and artists. We need your support. Consider buying a ticket now, even if you can’t attend, it’s your chance to participate in and support our Monster Ball fundraiser.

October 2 – 31, 2020

MM-Graphic-Eyes1October 2 – 31
Monsters Menagerie

From the darkness of our pandemic malaise, we’re providing artists a cathartic creative moment. Monsters Menagerie encourages light and dark creative works of menacing dark fantasies. Artworks often show satirical political blood-curdling demons that are now screaming for attention.

Friday, March 6th

EVB Ringmater Apprentice
The Gaslight Circus
The Ringmaster’s Apprentice
Doors open at 7. Show starts promptly at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $10 advance $15 day of show, available at door
An all ages show.


When the Ringmaster’s away, the clown will play! Come and see The GasLight Circus as it returns to Alwun house with their newest production, The Ringmaster’s Apprentice. Follow this all new theatrical story as it’s told by the likes of GasLight Circus originals like Jero the Jester, Connor the Clown, and Tommo! As well as Alfie, Jack, Rubix, Lyra the Mermaid, and the Ringmaster himself The Proprietor!

Make this March First Friday be your very own circus day with The Gaslight Circus!

February 29, 2020


Leap in the Dark
Presented by Corkscrew Cabaret
Tickets $10 advance, $15 door
Doors open at 7pm show at 8pm

The Corkscrew Cabaret is back, and roaring into our first show of The New ‘20s with our grandest spectacle to date, and we couldn’t have picked a better day to do it! Cap off an extra rare Leap Day Saturday with classic burlesque. A night that’s gloriously jam packed with real women, glitter, glitz and glam as some of the valley’s greatest burlesque performers light up the last of February.

Get your tickets now, and join us for a little Leap in the Dark

February 21,2020

EMPF2020 EVBTickets $10 advance, $15 door
Doors open at 7:00 pm., performances start at 8:00pm.
Cash bar. 21+ Show rain or shine.

Alwun House Exotic Art Show has hosted the Erotic Poetry & Music Festivus (EP&MF), since 2004. Providing for a broader exploration of Exotic and Erotic themes. Presenting the crème de la crème of the valley’s poetry scene and the broadest range of eclectic off-the-wall: scintillating performances of romantic/tragic/comic lust-filled comedians and storytellers, musical flights of fancy, vaudeville variety acts, spoken word, improv, performance art. With a printed program, simultaneous programs are on two stages.

Ernesto2For the 2020 edition, features forty local artists, with twenty performances on both the Main Stage and the West Garden Stage. The West Garden Stage, will be hosted by Rosemarie Dombrowski, the inaugural Poet Laureate of Phoenix, and features local poets like Kat Hofland, Sophia McGovern, Kellen Shover, Anna Flores, Imogen Arate, Christy White, Joe Dick, Hunter Hazelton, Sam Hui, Abby Baker, Nancy Wolter, Melissa Leto, Danae Barnes, The Klute, Tristan Marshall, Bill Campana, Garrett Smith, Nadine Lockhart, Amy Oozonian, and Eduardo Perez with Calvin Cook.

Matt2The Main Stage is co-hosted by the grandiloquent duo, poet/theater director Ernesto Moncada, and comedian/actor Matt Micheletti, backed up by Patrick Hershey on upright bass. Program includes: poetry by Aaron Johnson, Emily Cimino, Ben Jammin’, Lexi Lou and Jessica Fleming; music by outrageous ditty songster Tom Tuerff, The NoGoodNiks, Wood Rat Metal Pig, Boketto and Indigo Rider; stand-up comedy by Leslie Barton, Eric Sobczak, Savannah Hernandez and James Hoenscheidt. Storytelling; Mrs. Sexy and Russ Kazmierczak; Burlesque by Femina Flower, and surprises.

February 14, 2020


Phantasmagorical Spectacular Opening

Friday, February 14th Valentine’s Day!
6pm Entry to VIP happy hour with PRE-PURCHASE ONLY gain first entry
Tickets: $25 advance $30 – if available @ door

Reserved Tables: $400 – (includes admission for 4, & complimentary bottle of champagne) Reserved seating front & center for 4our. With a Reserved Table, $300 can be declared a tax deductible donation, making a Reserved Table the most scintillating fun donation possible.(includes admission for 4, & complimentary bottle of champagne)

RomantWebimageThe most talked about outrageous art opening event of the year, one night of uninhibited immersive multi-sensory Valentine experience: eye-poppin’, heart-thumpin’ performances on two stages, two floors of erotic-exotic art, exquisite body painting, bondage, fire, burlesque, jazz, roving performers.

Opening Night’s Valentine Spectacular headline act is the crème of provocative cabaret burlesque acts: Romantasy Cabaret the largest troupe of burlesque babes in the valley, with sexy classic burlesque and a few contemporary twists that may shock a few viewers. Also to get your juices flowing, we present the notorious WTQ (What The Queer) the most outlandishly shocking Drag show you’ve never seen. The evening is a visual, aural, sensual, eye-poppin’, heart-thumpin’ performances on two stages, two floors of exotic-erotic art, exquisite International body painter Mark Greenawalt.ColorfulLogo Bossa nova and bondage fill the west garden with Moonlight Magic on stage and suspended shibari rope/bondage demonstrations by Zaphod with fire and roving performers. Fetish and cosplay attire welcome. Dress for success. ZaphodComplimentary decadent delectable edibles, Champagne & Hpnotiq Nipple Lickers drink specials. Cash Bar. 21+ More Info TBA.

Hauser1Exotic Art Show exhibit showcasing over 50 local and regional visual artists provocative, playful, sensual or audacious, uninhibited passions that push the envelope. At 36 it is the longest-running exhibit of erotic and exotic art in the country.

The Exotic Art Show is a critical fundraiser for Phoenix’s original Alwun House nonprofit arts organization, since 1971. To use a ballet metaphor, Exotic has become Alwun’s “Nutcracker” of a fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting our community arts & cultural center.

Special Event Parking:
Ranch Market (NEC Roosevelt/16 St.), East to Water Mill, Security provided. Continuous free shuttle service from 6pm to 1:15am.

NOTE: Advance Tickets and RSVP Tables sell fast; besides the advance discount, guest’s gain admission into VIP Lounge Tent area from 6-7pm, with cash bar; and coveted FIRST entry at 7pm door opening. Event goes on rain or shine. No refunds once tickets are purchased.

January 11, 2020

ppp-Thumb2January 11, 2020
Pain Proof Punks Present
Time :Doors 8pm Show 9pm -11:30pm
Tickets: $15 advance – $20 at door.
VIP TICKETS: $20 advance front rows viewing
CREEP: An evening of the strange, peculiar, and bizarre experienced through Sideshow, Burlesque, and Drag. The Pain Proof Punks unveil a showcase of artists displaying such skills as Drag, Aerial Silks, Fortune Telling, Belly Dance, Hot Wax Pour, Glass Walking, Burlesque, and many other variety and Sideshow acts! Together they will test your boundaries and transport you to a world of the creepy and comedic, beautiful and bizarre, and the gentle and grotesque. Special guest performances from The Dahli, The Clunt, Britni Bloodshed, and a collaboration from LIFE SUSPENDED and Rusty The Clown.
Also have Fortune Readings will be available! Plus an art raffle with incredible prizes. And an artist will also be doing live painting! Show goes on rain or shine.